You love your dishwasher, right? It saves you so much time you just want to hug it and throw it a party.

Of course, that’s just socially awkward. Instead, just follow some simple maintenance guidelines to ensure your dishwasher continues to show you the love.
Before doing any maintenance work, turn off the power at the circuit-breaker box. And make sure your dishwasher is plugged into a grounded outlet or wired direct, and that your main socket rate is high enough to handle the power load.

Check to ensure your dishwasher is level or it could leak. You can do this by placing a level inside the machine. If it’s not level, adjust the feet.
Check your gaskets for cracks. These are the rubber or plastic seals along the door that provide a tight seal.

Check the sprayer arm for clogs because over time food particles, mineral deposits and other debris can get stuck, slowing down the water flow. You can remove the sprayer arm and soak it in warm vinegar.

Check and clean screens and filters to avoid clogs.

Invest in repairs if you see any exposed metal, nicks or corrosion on your dish racks.

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