Perhaps we should include this in the “take it with a grain of salt” file, but a recent survey caught our attention from a company called Apigee about mobile app dependence.

The survey of smartphone users in Europe and the U.S. found that 85% of them would rather give up drinking water than delete their apps forever.

Sure, we love our Twitter app as much as the next person…sorry, we just have to tweet something out… but we’ll take a cold glass of water over it any day of the week. It’s hard to take such a survey seriously, but it does offer some insight into how much people take their water for granted.

We don’t live in a developing nation, where access to clean water can involve walking for miles to a nearby well. We just turn on the tap and voila.
But even our local water needs care and attention. Just ask the people of Chilliwack after E. coli bacteria was found in the water system.
That’s an extreme case, we know, but you might want to consider having the water in your home tested by Lewis MacLean to find out exactly what’s in it. It’s complimentary. Just ask for it! We’ll discuss the results and the impact of chlorination on water and what that process does and does not prevent in your water.

We should always think about the cleanliness of our water, but March has a particular focus on the issue. March 22 is World Water Day and we should all think globally about the world’s access to clean drinking water. But we can also act locally by ensuring that our own home’s water is as clean as it should be.

We have one more date to remember: March 11. That’s World Plumbing Day and it also raises awareness of the importance of clean drinking water. So, please, give it some thought. Oh, and if you want to give your local plumber a hug on March 11, please, go ahead. They deserve it.