We noticed an interesting tidbit in the news recently that affects your drinking water. The provincial government appointed B.C.’s first-ever Auditor General for Local Government.

This position is basically a watchdog for how cities spend tax dollars – always a good thing. In the AG’s first big announcement, it was made clear there would be audits conducted in the next year looking at “local government’s role in ensuring clean drinking water.”
Unfortunately, there wasn’t much detail other than that. We don’t know what communities will be audited, just that the reports will be ready in the summer of 2014.

We think it’s a positive step that whoever manages our drinking water will be scrutinized, looking at if we are getting value for our money.
We hate to bring up the Walkerton, Ontario tragedy, but that is an extreme case of what can happen when a low level of government is allowed to manage such an important resource with very little oversight.

The more scrutiny of our drinking water the better.
Citizens deserve a voice when it comes to drinking water. The people of Chilliwack were allowed to be part of the debate when E. Coli was found in their community’s drinking water.
However, people don’t have to leave the safety of their drinking water up to government.

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