So you’re in the shower and you look down because your feet feel like they standing in the shallow end of the swimming pool.

You’re not supposed to see puddles.

But that’s what happens when your drain is clogged.
The cause is usually due to what’s gone down the drain – everything from the hair on your head to stringy celery pieces to the grease from your dirty dishes. (Please tell us you don’t pour the bacon grease from that frying pan down the drain.) The material that goes down your drain can attach itself to the side of the pipe, building up over time until it blocks the flow of water.

Prevention is the first step. Be careful what goes down your drain. Grease and stringy food scraps are the worst culprits. Put a strainer on every drain, including the shower to block hair.

There are a few well-known homegrown remedies, including vinegar and baking soda, hot water, and chemical drain cleaners to name a few. We advise using our patented Lewis MacLean BioSmart for Drain Maintenance – instead of those corrosive chemical cleaners, that can destroy your pipes.

Sometimes the problem is beyond the scope of your skills. One of our 24-hour residential Plumbing Experts can diagnose the blockage with all the tools to fix the problem. Our professionals also have the skills to diagnose if you have potential clogs brewing in the near future.

Count on Lewis MacLean when you need a Certified Plumber to unclog your drains.

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