When you hear the word toxins, you most likely think of some giant factory or an oil tanker. But there are a number of toxins right in your home that pose a risk to both the environment and to your family.
Lewis MacLean offers some basic tips on how to cut down on these harmful toxins.

Step 1: Avoid pesticides
We don’t like weeds, bugs or rodents, but pesticides aren’t the answer. They are poisons and they can harm both your children and your pets. Avoid using them in your home or yard. There are several non-toxic options on the market. You can also prevent pest being in your home through good sanitation and food storage habits and by preventing their entry into your home by examining all around for potential points of entry. Take off your shoes at the door to prevent tracking pesticides indoors. Traces of pesticide residue can cling to the bottoms of your shoes and then rub off on your carpet and rugs.

Step 2: Use nontoxic products
Make your own safer cleaning products. Baking soda is a great scouring agent and vinegar mixed with water makes an effective glass cleaner. Reduce your use of cleaning products altogether by purchasing microfiber cloths or hand-held steam cleaners, both of which clean effectively with water alone. Use Lewis MacLean BioSmart when taking care of your home’s drains. It’s easier on the environment and safer on your pipes because it is nontoxic.

Step 3: Clean up indoor air
Common indoor air pollutants include formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, benzene, toluene, radon, secondhand smoke, and volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds. Lewis MacLean has a variety of services to ensure clean the air in your home, including your home’s heating and air conditioning systems. Our water filtration systems also prevent the release of chlorinated vapors caused when you use hot water in the shower.

Step 4: Drink healthy
Our whole-home water filtration systems reduce the levels of chemicals in the water you drink, the water you bathe in and the water you wash your clothes and dishes with.

Step 5: Be wise with plastics
Plastics are everywhere and in most cases are affordable and convenient. But, increasingly, scientists are finding that a hidden cost may be our health. You don’t need to use bottled water. Once again, our whole-home water filtration systems produce the best water you’ve ever tasted.