Anyone who visits our head office knows that the star of the show is named Tucker.
Tucker is our office dog and possesses magical powers to cheer up anyone who is having a bad day. All it takes is a quick walk outside with Tucker. Just watching Tucker jump around excitedly makes any day brighter.

We love dogs and offer some helpful tips as the weather heats up to project your dogs.
During the winter season nature provides outdoor animals with natural insulation in the form of a denser hair/coat and an added layer of fat just under the skin to help retain body heat. This is great when it’s cold, but during the summer that means a dog can get hot quickly.
Watch for the telltale signs of a dog panting. That means the dog needs water or to get out of the sunshine quickly.

It is never appropriate to transport a dog in an open pick-up truck. Heat plus slippery conditions, which result in higher accident rates, put your dog at risk. If you need to transport your pet, crate them inside the vehicle.

And when it comes to vehicles, don’t leave your dog in a vehicle when it’s warm out. Just cracking a window is not enough. Vehicles heat to extreme temperatures quickly.
If you keep any animals outdoors during hot weather, be sure their water supply is checked twice a day to keep it flowing.

Many animals like the taste of antifreeze and will readily consume it when given the opportunity. However, antifreeze, even in the smallest amounts, can have a very harmful and often fatal effect on your pet. Non-toxic antifreeze is the way to go.