The other day we were making our regular batch of homemade yogurt (it’s surprisingly easy, healthier than store-bought and waaaay cheaper!) when the milk-cooling process didn’t go as planned.
You have to cool the milk after boiling it and after finger-testing it we realized it had cooled too much.

Turns out our thermometer was broken.

It made us wonder about our home thermostat and if it was working properly?
A thermostat that isn’t calibrated correctly means your home will either be too cold or too hot, wasting energy and money in the process.

It’s actually pretty easy to do the job yourself. Here are the steps to follow:
Purchase a standard glass thermometer that uses mercury and tape it next to the thermostat.
Wait for about 30 minutes to pass to make sure that the thermometer has adjusted to the temperature around it and is giving a correct reading. Compare the reading on the glass thermometer to the reading on the wall thermostat to see if the thermostat is off.

Pull back the clasp holding the thermostat’s cover into place. Use a bottle of canned air to remove any dust particles that may be clogging the bits and pieces inside the thermostat. Clean any dirty components with a soft cloth.

Use a screwdriver to pull out the screws holding the unit to the wall and remove the thermostat. Check to see if there is any empty space around the wires that come out of the wall and connect to the thermostat. Fill the excess space in with caulking to prevent air from drafting through and artificially lowering the thermostat’s temperature reading.

Put the thermostat back into place and re-attach the screws. Check to see if the thermostat uses a glass mercury container. Make sure it is perfectly straight up and down. Adjust the container so that it is straight if is tilted to either side. Put the cover back on the thermostat and wait another 30 minutes before checking its reading again.

Replace thermostat entirely if it still gives an incorrect temperature reading.