You flushed what??
Remember those old Bugs Bunny-Roadrunner cartoons when the Coyote would be so starving for food he’d look at a cactus and see a steaming turkey?
We can only surmise that when people look at their toilets, they see something that we don’t – that the toilet is just a giant trashcan begging to be fed.

How else can we explain the things people flush down their toilets, straining their entire plumbing system to the point where it clogs up big time!
We’re here with some advice on what you shouldn’t flush down the toilet, unless you want an expensive plumbing repair.

Food fats – Pour that grease from the frying pan into an old giant can and wait for it to harden before tossing it. Grease congeals on your pipes, gathering other material along the way until your pipe is blocked.

Toys – We know you, as adults, are not flushing toys, but it would be helpful to remind your little ones to be more careful with their SpongeBob Squarepants. You wouldn’t believe how many of these we pull out of toilets!

Most paper products – These include paper towels, female sanitary products and tissues. Yes, tissues. It’s harder to flush than toilet paper.

Cigarette butts – These are full of chemicals that break down quickly and collect on the edges of pipes.

Coffee grounds – Yes, they are biodegradable, eventually. But they break down slowly and can cause plumbing problems.

Pets – No, we don’t think you’re flushing your deceased dog, but people flush their fish, as well as gerbils and hamsters. Yes, we’ve seen it happen.

False Teeth – After all these years, we still can’t figure out how these get into toilets – but they do. If you figure it out, send us an email and enlighten us!

Diapers – This is rare, but it does happen. People think poop and just lose their minds sometimes.

So, you get the point. Just stick to what a toilet should dispose of and your toilet will be kind to you.
Just in case you have an “oops”, and something gets flushed that shouldn’t, call Lewis MacLean and one of our 24-hour residential Plumbers will come out and remove whatever you’ve lost. We’re here for you whenever you need us, even for that SpongeBob Squarepants!

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