Your home’s septic system is a wonder of nature – meaning the ground does most of the work in getting rid of your household waste.
But that doesn’t mean you can just sit back and let nature takes its course. Homeowners with septic systems have to put in time and effort to ensure this system is working properly.

This septic system treats a lot of organic waste each season. The waste or sludge flows to a septic tank, the tank treats sewage by letting heavy solid materials settle and this allows time for lighter “scum” to float to the top.

The liquid then flows in the pipes, called the leaching field, where it filters into the ground and is further treated. That’s when bacteria and other soil organisms go to work, treating it in the final step.

It really is amazing. But ensuring all this works properly means following this checklist.

Get on a maintenance program. Your Lewis MacLean 24-hour residential Plumbing Professional can set you up with a regular schedule to cover all aspects of your septic system.

Act based on age. Depending on how old or new your septic system is will help determine the maintenance program. Older fields are more susceptible to damage from tree roots, which burrow into the pipes and disrupt its operation, causing the lines that carry waste to collapse.

Pump it out. Depending on the condition of the septic system you will need to have it pumped out. A well maintained system can go years without pumping.
Keep your eyes and nose on it. Don’t ignore your septic system. Watch for standing water or mushy grass, a sure sign there is a clog in the works. The grass should also be greener over the septic field. And if you can smell it, then you need to get it inspected.

Flush it. A Lewis MacLean professional can perform hydro-flushing of the lines if necessary.

Subtraction by addition. This means our special Lewis MacLean environmentally friendly, BioSmart will keep your system running smoothly. Call us and ask for your supply today – we’ll even deliver it for free. Your septic system will thank you!