Some subjects are hard to discuss – like when a friend wants to explain their latest medical procedure in graphic detail. Toilets can be the same way, what with all that bodily waste.

World Toilet Day – which takes place on Nov. 19 – is designed to break the taboos surrounding toilets towards a better understanding of the role they play with both the environment and basic human dignity.

At Lewis MacLean Plumbing and Heating, we’re all about toilet education. Heck, one of our slogans is “Saving the world, one toilet at a time.”

World Toilet Day highlights the fact that one in three people on this globe do not have access to a toilet. That’s about 2.5 billion people who are left vulnerable to an array of “diarrhoeal” diseases – some of which can be fatal to children.

During 2013, one of Lewis MacLeans’ main benefactors during our toilet campaign was – an organization dedicated to improving sanitation around the globe.

Lewis MacLean also believes paying attention to your home toilet is important for the environment.

According to Metro Vancouver statistics, toilets account for more than 30% of your home’s water usage.

So considering all of the above points, here are three things people can do to honour World Toilet Day.

Visit WorldToiletDay and find out more about this worthy cause and what you can do to support it.

Have your toilet assessed and consider changing to low-flow or dual-flush models. These toilets use half the amount of water per flush without sacrificing any performance. That water savings is good for the environment and your pocket book.

Have your toilets serviced as part of a regular maintenance program. This prevents leaks and blockages that will waste water and disrupt your life.

November is a busy month, but Lewis MacLean Plumbing and Heating urges you to take the time to think about your toilets and their impact both globally and locally.