We perused the Farmer’s Almanac in early fall and it said the south coast of B.C. (hint: that’s us!) will get walloped by the worst winter we’ve seen in decades.
That means a lot of temperatures that are colder than we are used to. That’s why Lewis MacLean Plumbing and Heating is urging all of our clients to get their homes in shape for winter.
Being ready for the cold isn’t just about cranking up the furnace. Yes, that will keep your warm, but it can also waste a lot of money in wasted energy costs.

Here are three of the greenest ways you can keep warm this winter, while not blowing your utility budget:
Install a programmable thermostat. With this handy device you can adjust the times you turn on the heating, according to a pre-set schedule. You can lower the temperature while you are sleeping or out of the house, and set it so the heat turns on when you wake up or you come home from work. It will be easy to justify the cost of a programmable thermostat once you see your heating bills drop.
Block drafts. Ensuring your home is sealed correctly will go a long way to staying warm while saving money on energy costs. Drafts are one of the leading causes of high heating bills. Take some time to weather strip your windows to keep cold air out and warm air in. Other ways to deal with drafts include considering heavier curtains you can keep closed at night and putting a blanket down over drafty doorways.

Get your heating system inspected in the fall. Don’t just assume your furnace or boiler is working correctly. Just because it comes on doesn’t mean it’s operating efficiently. A Lewis MacLean annual inspection and regular maintenance ensures your heating system isn’t shortchanging you when it comes to heating your home.