People ask regularly if they should turn off their furnace during the summer.

Hey – if you’re not using your furnace to heat your home in the hot days of summer – why not turn it off?

You probably don’t think about it, but if your furnace is on but not being used to heat your home – it’s still consuming natural gas and electricity (due to some electronic components that use energy 24/7).

So, go ahead and turn it off! You can save the planet by saving some natural gas and electricity, plus save yourself a few bucks by powering down.

I always recommend tuning it up before you turn it off though – just to make sure there are no hidden issues waiting to present themselves, in case we have a chilly late spring or early summer and you need to restart it for a brief time.

If you’re uncomfortable re-lighting it and getting it up and running at any time, just give us a call and we’ll pop over and do it for you.
We’re here for you whenever you need us!

George – “Chief Expert Tech”