Deciding if you want to have an air conditioning system installed in your home is a big decision for any homeowner.

First of all, it costs money, both to install and to operate.

Secondly, it takes a long-term commitment that a homeowner must weigh using a cost-benefit analysis.

Here are a few things you should consider during the decision-making process:
How comfortable are you in your home? Some homeowners get a fan for their bedroom and think that will keep them cool during the summer months. Wrong. A fan just moves around hot air. An air conditioner actually removes the hot air and replaces it with cool air. Of course, you’ve probably noticed this as you’re lying awake in bed, sweating up a storm.

Your home is your oasis. You deserve to have it as comfortable as possible all throughout the year. You wouldn’t go without a heater in the winter, so why should you suffer in the heat of the summer.

What kind of air conditioner should you get? A homeowner has to assess their needs. Is it just a single unit in the bedroom to make sleeping more tolerable? Is it a whole-home system to ensure every room is comfortable to be in? Would a heat pump – which sucks out the hot air and exchanges it for cool air – be a better option?

Is your house ready for an air conditioner? Your home needs to be ready to handle an air conditioner. A single unit in a room needs a room that is sealed up tight to keep in the cold air. A whole-home system needs sealed windows and duct work that will transport the cool air throughout the home without leaking.

Sitting down with a Lewis MacLean 24-hour residential Plumbing and Heating system Professional will help you answer all these questions. We can also inspect your home to see if it’s right for a whole-home system or a heat pump.