School is right around the corner, and soon, we’ll be forced to say goodbye to another summer. But before we’re all swept up in the chaos of the school year again, why not gather up the family for one last hurrah? This week, we have some suggestions for sending off the season in style.

6 Last-Minute Summer Escapes For Under $1,000

Road trip! Is there anything quite like a family vacation to do a little bonding before the school year starts? Not every trip requires months of planning. Check out these fun and budget-friendly destinations which will be perfect for your end-of-summer vacation.

25 Awesome Staycation Ideas

If your schedule won’t allow you to take some time off, there’s no need to let the last of the summer slip through your fingers. There are plenty of ways to have fun for the afternoon, or even the week! From geocaching to visiting some of your local attractions, this list is full of fun suggestions for planning a staycation your whole family will love.

Non-Scrapbook Ways To Remember Your Vacation Forever

You’ve had a summer full of fun, made wonderful memories, and taken a bunch of amazing photos. Awesome! Now, what are you going to do with those great pics? Chances are they’re probably already on social media, but how often will you really be able to enjoy those pictures and relive the cherished memories? Rather than stuff your favorite pictures in a photo album to gather dust, get creative with some cool ways to turn vacation photos into real works of art!

Just For Fun: Best Road Trip Songs To Get You Through The Long Drive

If you decide to take that last summer road trip, make sure you’re prepared, and we’re not just talking about the snacks. Having a playlist everyone enjoys can mean the difference between a fun road trip and the drive that never ends. With a mix of old school classics and modern hits, The Planet D has the road trip soundtrack of your dreams!

To one last road trip,