The old saying goes “You are what you eat,” but this isn’t quite accurate. No one turns into a Caesar salad after enjoying a healthy lunch. However, enjoying a bowl of fresh, leafy greens and croutons can put us in a good mood. Meanwhile, that tempting cupcake may be sweet in the moment, but we often feel pretty low afterward. But this mood swing isn’t just guilt for cheating on your diet — tons of research proves our mood and our appetites are interwoven more than most people realize. Learn more in this week’s features:

10 Facts You Never Knew About How Food Affects Your Mood

Did you know your emotions change how food tastes to you? Or that being happy can actually lead you to overeat? When we try to start eating healthier, it’s important to understand how our behavior is influencing our meal choices and vice versa. Check out this great article exploring some research related to mood and food.

How To Manage Your Mood With Food

Any elementary school health class can tell you that our bodies turn food into energy, meaning that what we eat translates directly into what we’re able to achieve. Our complicated bodies need many different types of foods to run at maximum capacity. This video highlights the best foods for boosting your body’s ability and your mood. It might be a good idea to take some notes so you can start planning dinner accordingly.

20 Foods That Put You In A Bad Mood

Once you know what you should eat, it’s time to make a list of foods you want to avoid, or at least cut down on. Obviously, things like soda or sugary cupcakes should only be enjoyed in moderation, but there are other foods with a “healthy” reputation that are actually quite bad for you. Popular food blog “Eat This, Not That!” presents a comprehensive list of mood-killing foods you should take off the menu. If your favorite food among them?

Fresh Raspberries

Just For Fun: Photos Of Food That Are So Beautiful It’s Almost Annoying

After all this talk of food, why not take a moment and check out some beautiful dishes from chefs with unbelievable talent — and patience. These are foods prepared with such love and care you would almost feel bad for eating them — almost.

To enjoying a fresh bowl of fruit,