A Difference in Results.

It’s no secret that every HVAC and plumbing company is different. From the top down, each one does things their own way, for better or worse. The problem a lot of homeowners run into, however, is weeding out the “good” service companies from the “bad.”

When you need service, you may call up a company you worked with in the past. But if you’ve moved, you’re new to an area, or you want to work with a new company, you may go to the internet or the Yellow Pages to find someone to service your HVAC system or to take care of a plumbing issue.

How can you tell the difference between a reputable company and one that might not be? There are some critical questions to ask. First, ask if they are insured. Ask for their letters of liability insurance and WCB coverage. At the same time, ask for other forms of certification — how are their technicians certified? Are they even certified?

You also want to make sure they have a business license. These days it’s easy for anyone to create a service listing on Craigslist, regardless of their actual experience. It can be tempting to search these listings for a good deal on a service, but your actual results will vary — sometimes greatly. When you see low rates advertised, remember the old adage: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Another adage to keep in mind is “You get what you pay for.” This is very true when it comes to HVAC and plumbing services. Recently, we received a call from a fellow we had done some work for years ago. It turns out, in this case, we weren’t his first choice for an emergency repair. Right before he called us, he had called a company with a Craigslist post.

When we asked him why he ended up calling us, he said the other company didn’t answer their phone or return his calls. When he called us, we answered right away and we were able to send someone to help not long after he made the call.

When we spoke to him, he made sure to let us know that our rates were higher than the other Craigslist company. But when we went to his home and investigated his issue, we discovered a part that someone had installed wasn’t functioning properly. We replaced it right away because we had the part in our truck, and we didn’t charge him for the new part because we were able to get the manufacturer to cover the warranty on that failed part. We saved him time, money, and hassle.

Had he gone with the other company, their service rates may have been slightly lower, but they probably didn’t have that part in their truck. Plus, he may have been charged for the part because they couldn’t cover the warranty — all that on top of the service fee.

In my years working in this industry, I’ve seen the lengths people will go to save money, even if it’s a few dollars here and there. The reality is, when it comes to mechanical systems, such as heating, cooling or plumbing, when you need service, you want to put your trust in someone who, without a shadow of a doubt, knows what they’re doing and will give you the proper service you need.

Saving money may be easy on your pocketbook in the short term, but when it comes to the long term, it’s a very different story. It pays to do your research and to know who it is you’re hiring to come into your home. There’s a reason why we tend to charge a little more than the other guys. We have incredibly high standards for the services we provide to our customers, and those services are guaranteed — and that’s value that’s hard to find anywhere else.