When you decide which experts to trust with your home, we know the “little things” matter. It’s sort of like dating. Slurping soup might not be a deal-breaker, but throw in showing up late and making a joke in poor taste, and you’ve got a bad first date!

The “little things” we worry about are how clean we leave the job site. Our technicians cover their shoes, use plastic sheeting and drop cloths, and wear clean and pressed uniforms. And if they leave a mess, our CEO will show up and clean the site herself. Knowing this, you can bet that our technicians don’t leave messes!

Stuff like that is important to us. When you call our office — where we have someone on the phones 24/7, 365 days a year — you talk to a live person who knows what they’re talking about. And when you speak to our technicians in the field, you’ll find that they’re personable and professional, happy to answer questions and explain things in regular language. They won’t blow you off, speak in jargon, or tap their watch, waiting to get to work. They even make a point to show you where your water main shut-off is, which is good to know in an emergency!

If you’ve ever been handed a bill that’s higher than you were expecting, then you know that a “little thing” like sticking to a quote matters. We investigate, diagnose, and then quote — in that order — and we never bill more than the quote you signed. To help with that, our techs have access to state-of-the-art equipment sitting right in their trucks. They’ll rarely have to go “back to the shop” to get the tool they need. And speaking of those trucks, we clean and maintain them regularly — so no oil spots in your driveway!

Those are all “little things,” but little things add up.  When you bring on Lewis MacLean, you’re hiring a company that can do the math.

– Lynn