And your Pocket Book.

Fall and winter are the months when you are most likely to have people visiting your home – whether it’s just for dinner or for an extended stay by the family.

It would be a shame if those visits left you feeling cold because your boiler had broken down.

Experts are predicting this West Coast winter may be one of the coldest we’ve felt in years so you must ensure your boiler is up to the challenge.

The fact is, if you have a boiler you have one of the most complex heating systems a home can have, with every part needing to be in perfect working order to get heat where it’s supposed to go. A boiler uses water and when you have water you have the possibility of corrosion. Ignoring your boiler can lead to repairs that are far costlier to fix than all other heating systems.

There are, however, 2 simple steps every homeowner can take to ensure their boiler doesn’t let them down right in the middle of something important – like hosting a party or opening Christmas presents with the family.

Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Annual inspection: After a quiet summer, your boiler needs a lot of TLC before you ask it to perform for eight solid months of operation. Our patented annual Lewis inspections will diagnose any costly problems looming on the heating horizon, and ensure your boiler is operating at peak efficiency so you aren’t wasting money in monthly utility bills.
  2. Regular maintenance: A boiler requires ongoing maintenance, especially since there is water involved. That means it needs to be flushed on a regular basis to reduce the chance of costly corrosion. A boiler also contains more moving parts than other heating systems, requiring more diligence in maintaining them.

Having a Lewis MacLean 24 hour residential heating technician inspect your boiler every fall is the smartest thing you can do for your heating system. An inspection and regular maintenance will also extend the life of your boiler by sidestepping costly repairs that damage your overall heating system.

And if you have one of our Maintenance Plans, or our new Lifetime Plan, the worry about regular inspections will be taken care of by us. Call us today for more details on the perks that come with being a member.

Our boiler inspection checklist includes:

Check for gas leaks

Confirm temperature rise across heat exchanger is within manufacturer specs

Check system water pressure and operation of exp. Tank

Inspect pressure relief valve for leakage and proper operation

Inspect backflow preventer and boiler feed for leakage and proper operation

Inspect boiler feed regulator

Verify air elimination system is working properly

Identify any extraordinary noises in system

Check condition of water

Inspect fan and air filter assembly

Check proper operation of motors

Inspect pilot light or electronic ignition

Inspect burners

Clean and vacuum burner area

Check proper operation and clearances of venting system

Check condensate line-pump and secondary heat exchanger

Visually inspect heat exchanger

Perform carbon monoxide test

Test safety limit controls

Check electric controls and wiring

Check combustion and ventilation air supply

Check hot water tank

Trust one of our heating experts today to worry about your boiler so you won’t worry at all.