Square footage is not the only measurement to consider when sizing a new heating system.


A new client informed me the other day that the recent cold snap in the Lower Mainland left her freezing in some parts of her home, but not in others. She was concerned because she had a new furnace installed during the summer.


I ventured out to inspect her furnace and discovered that while it was indeed new – and a respected brand – it was too small for her multi-level, four-bedroom home. It turns out the person who installed the furnace didn’t know what he was doing when choosing the right model.


A home heating system is a major investment. Here are four mistakes to avoid in this process:

  1. Picking the wrong size unit – it’s always important to have a professional calculate the right size. It’s not just a matter of square footage, there is a mathematical calculation based on such elements as ceiling height and window size that needs to be factored into the equation.
  2. Falling for discounts – Cheap can mean the heating contractor you’ve hired is cutting corners on installation service or products.
  3. Inferior, untrustworthy installers – Some companies make you wait days, or a week, for installation and use poorly trained co-op students as helpers. Check the company’s standing with the Better Business Bureau and get accurate customer references.
  4. No written guarantee – Demand a no-hassle guarantee that is in writing.

If you need our help, we can sit down with you, give you a full range of options and then supply a 100% guaranteed upfront price. That way you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before any work is done.