We’ve all been there. When the heating system fails, it doesn’t fail on a mild fall day. Instead, it “decides” to fail on the coldest day of the year. It’s no accident. When you run your heating system during the chilliest days, it tends to run for longer hours with higher output. This strain can lead to system failure.

There is one easy thing every homeowner can do to ensure their heating system hums along during those frigid fall and winter days: annual inspections.

Consider this. When the cold sets in, your heating system has been sitting idle for months. Countless things can go wrong during those months and you would never know. On top of that, more manufacturers are opting to not cover warranties of heating systems that have been neglected or not serviced regularly.

Why risk it? Our patented, annual inspection will diagnose any problems looming in your heating horizon, while ensuring your furnace is operating at peak efficiency. Our heating inspection checklist includes:

 Check for gas leaks.

  • Inspect fan and air filter assembly.
  • Check proper operation of motors.
  • Inspect pilot light or electronic ignition.
  • Inspect burners.
  • Clean and vacuum burner area.
  • Check proper operation and clearances of venting system.
  • Check condensate line-pump and secondary heat exchanger.
  • Visually inspect heat exchanger.
  • Perform carbon monoxide test.
  • Test gas pilot safety system.
  • Test safety limit controls.
  • Check electric controls and wiring.
  • Check combustion and ventilation air supply.
  • Check fan belt.
  • Check hot water tank.

Don’t wait until the chill sets in. Ask us about our annual inspection, and let us make sure you have a warm, cozy winter.