Happy Halloween!

You may have heard someone say we spend more on Halloween than we do on Christmas. This isn’t true. While Fortune.com found North Americans spent over $8.4 billion last Halloween, Forbes determined Christmas spending still reigns supreme over a whopping $1 trillion! However, Halloween spending is on the rise as more and more of us go all out on costumes, candy, and decorations. If you’re ready to get your ghost on, here’s everything you need to have a great Halloween.

Halloween Safety Tips For Kids And Parents

Trick-or-treating is a staple of Halloween, but it can also be dangerous for kids. More children are struck by cars on Halloween night than any other day of the year. A little bit of fear makes for a fun Halloween, but parents shouldn’t fear for their kids’ safety. This valuable article lists safety tips that every parent and kid needs to know, so we can all enjoy a safe and fun Halloween.

What Last-Minute Costume Should You Wear For Halloween?

When it comes to costumes, kids usually know what they want to be for Halloween. Sure, they may change their mind 100 times, but at least they have a costume idea. It’s not always easy for us grown-ups, who have to fit in all the Halloween fun around our adult responsibilities. If you need a costume idea, this handy flowchart can determine if you should be a strong, silent mime, a Hogwarts student, or even a deviled egg.

15 Awesome Halloween Movies For The Whole Family

Costume parties and trick-or-treating aren’t for everyone, but there’s still plenty of Halloween fun to be had with the family, especially if you find the right movie. Halloween movies aren’t all buckets of fake blood or cheesy animated specials. Some family-friendly titles are genuinely scary, and there’s no better time of year to introduce older kids to a Hitchcock classic. Scroll through this list and find the perfect movie to fill your Halloween with just the right amount of spooky fun.

Just For Fun: Parents Pranking Kids On Halloween

Who says Halloween is only fun for kids? “America’s Funniest Home Videos” put together a compilation of parents getting into the Halloween spirit by scaring their kids silly. Are these pranks a bit childish? Maybe. But we dare you to not laugh!

Have a fun and safe holiday!