3 Things to Do on World Toilet Day

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Where would you hide? Some subjects are hard to discuss - like when a friend wants to explain their latest medical procedure in graphic detail. Toilets can be the same way, what with all that bodily waste. World Toilet Day – which takes place on Nov. 19 – is designed to break the taboos

You Won’t Believe What We Pull Out of Toilets!

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You flushed what?? Remember those old Bugs Bunny-Roadrunner cartoons when the Coyote would be so starving for food he’d look at a cactus and see a steaming turkey? We can only surmise that when people look at their toilets, they see something that we don’t – that the toilet is just a giant trashcan begging

Don’t rely on others for your drinking water

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We noticed an interesting tidbit in the news recently that affects your drinking water. The provincial government appointed B.C.’s first-ever Auditor General for Local Government. This position is basically a watchdog for how cities spend tax dollars – always a good thing. In the AG’s first big announcement, it was made clear there would be

Do people really value mobile apps before drinking water?

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Perhaps we should include this in the “take it with a grain of salt” file, but a recent survey caught our attention from a company called Apigee about mobile app dependence. The survey of smartphone users in Europe and the U.S. found that 85% of them would rather give up drinking water than delete their