3 Signs it’s Time for a Furnace Tune-up

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  With the cold weather months knocking on our doors, a lot of us will be firing up the furnace for the first time in several months. When that happens, many homeowners in the area are going to notice things about their heating system that aren’t quite “right.” While a yearly inspection of your heating

Be Prepared in this Cold Weather

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The recent cold weather in our neck of the woods spelled headaches for many.  To be honest, some could have been prevented by individuals shouldering the responsibility to prepare properly for winter weather. The old adage of “we don’t get winter weather here” is no longer the norm. Climate change of all degrees will become

Do I turn it off, or leave it on?

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People ask regularly if they should turn off their furnace during the summer. Hey – if you’re not using your furnace to heat your home in the hot days of summer – why not turn it off? You probably don’t think about it, but if your furnace is on but not being used to heat

Home Heating: The 3 Greenest Ways To Stay Warm

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We perused the Farmer’s Almanac in early fall and it said the south coast of B.C. (hint: that’s us!) will get walloped by the worst winter we’ve seen in decades. That means a lot of temperatures that are colder than we are used to. That’s why Lewis MacLean Plumbing and Heating is urging all of

CO-The silent killer. Is it Lurking in Your Home?

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In April of 2013, we were reminded of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning when a cast member in the reality TV show Buckwild died from suspected fumes inside his truck. This followed the December 2012 death of a B.C. man inside his boat docked at a marina in Halfmoon Bay. But it’s not just